Buddy Pelltier

He was a former top ranked surfer with the APS in the 1980's. Throughout his career, he was featured in many surfing publications, such as; Surfer Magazine, U.S. Surf, and Surfing. He also received an Act of Heroism award for saving the lives of 2 children during the Cocoa Beach Surfing Festival, where he won the Professional Division. Buddy retired to Puerto Rico and had the time of his life. A natural switch foot, he had a left break in his front yard that pumped year round. When Longboards came back into fashion and a competitive circuit got under way, he decided to see if those old bones still had it. And yes, did they ever. He won the Puerto Rican National Longboard Championship 3 times and decided to spread his wings.

Buddy came back to the states due to his Mothers terminal illness from Cancer. He put his career on hold and  took care of her until her final days. After she passed away, Buddy showed a renewed vigor on his Board, as if realizing life was short. He enjoyed a rebirth, and did very well on the pro tour. His last professional appearance was at the Ocean Pacific Longboard Invitational in Hawaii. Shortly after returning home, he underwent surgery and cancer was discovered. Buddy wasted no time in gathering those he loved close to him. His family had long been concerned about his choice of careers, but when we saw the brotherhood and the family he had gathered over the years, our fears were gone.